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Cisco 642-974 Exam -

Free 642-974 Sample Questions:

1.How would you configure a NAM to monitor and report the most heavily viewed sections of a website?
A.Create a separate domain name or virtual server IP address for each section of the site. Add each domain name or IP address to the NAM application protocol directory.
B.Enable regular­expression pattern matching. Define application protocol filters based on regular expressions that match the desired URLs.
C.Enable URL monitoring. Define each desired URL as an application in the protocol directory.
D.Use SPAN or VACLs to capture upper­layer protocol data from the web servers. Use a third­party application to parse the stored capture files.
Answer: C

2.Which command must be issued to activate the FWSM firewall context?
Answer: B

3.You are a help desk trainee for A potential customer has a question for you:
which function learns MAC and IP addresses used in the Dynamic ARP Inspection feature?
A.IP Source Guard
B.port security
C.DHCP snooping
D.Unicast Reverse Path Forwarding (Unicast RPF)
Answer: C

4.In a Cisco Catalyst 6500 Series Switch, in which slot or slots should you install the NAM?
A.slots 1 to 4
B.slot 5 or 6
C.any slot except a supervisor module slot
D.the slots that are closest to the supervisor modules
Answer: C

5.A customer has installed an FWSM in the data center. Which feature must be configured to enable FTP to work?
A.dynamic NAT
B.dynamic PAT
C.access lists
D.transparent mode
E.deep packet inspection
Answer: E

6.Which IDSM capture method has the ability to impact the performance of VoIP applications?­line
Answer: A

7.You work as a Cisco engineer in the Data Center of With your experience, which two functions will be executed if install all command ? (Choose two.)
A.causes a switchover back to the originally active supervisor module
B.reloads the standby supervisor module with the new Cisco NX­OS software
C.copies the kickstart and system images to the standby supervisor module
D.backs up the currently active software image before upgrading it
Answer: B, C

8.Cisco NX­OS is a data center­class operating system that is modular, resilient, and built for quality of service. So in your opinion, how many paths can be considered in NX­OS for equal­cost multipathing?
Answer: C

9.You work as the network administrator at As far as you know, which command qualifies uRPF in strict mode?
A.ip verify unicast source reachable­via any
B.ip verify unicast source reachable­via rx
C.ip verify unicast source reachable­via strict
D.ip verify unicast source strict
Answer: B

10.What will be upgraded as a result of this command? upgrade ftp://ftpuser@­K9­r­1.1­a­5.1­1.pkg
A.recovery partition
B.application partition
C.both application and recovery partitions immediately
D.both application and recovery partitions at the next scheduled automatic IDSM update
Answer: A

11.What is the effect of executing the command intrusion­detection module 5 management­port access­vlan 10 on an IDSM?
A.allows the IDSM to be managed by devices in VLAN 10
B.configures the IDSM to monitor traffic from VLAN 10 in in­line mode
C.allows the IDSM to perform blocking actions on devices in VLAN 10
D.configures the IDSM to monitor traffic from VLAN 10 in promiscuous mode
Answer: A

12.Your customer uses these file­oriented network applications: FTP Web­based file repositories Windows and Linux file sharing How can you use the NAM to create a report showing total network traffic for these applications?
A.Define a VACL that forwards traffic for all of the applications.
B.Define an application group that contains all of the interfaces for the application servers.
C.This cannot be accomplished because the NAM cannot monitor upper­layer protocol data.
D.Add each application to the Cisco Traffic Analyzer protocol directory and create an application group with all of the applications.
Answer: D

13.Policy­based routing (PBR) provides a mechanism for expressing and implementing forwarding/routing of data packets based on the policies defined by the network administrators. Which of following is taken to packets that do not match any of the route­map statements in policy­based routing?
B.continue being evaluated against the implicit "permit" statement
C.forwarded using the specified "set" policy
D.forwarded using a policy identical to packets matching a "deny" statement
Answer: D

14.As a Cisco engineer works at With your experience, how you realize to achieve multiple active uplinks and loop prevention in a Cisco Nexus 5000 Switch, using Ethernet Host Virtualizer? PortChanneling uplink ports implementing Per­VLAN Spanning Tree pinning MAC addresses to specific ports tying a server interface to a border interface in the switching fabric
Answer: C

15.You are a help desk trainee for When you deploy the network, what happens after a failure by using the default VDC high­availability options in the Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch?
A.The VDC is deleted and then re­created with startup configuration.
B.If dual supervisors, a supervisor switchover is forced.
C.If single supervisor, a graceful restart is forced.
D.The VDC is deleted and no further action will be performed.
Answer: B

16.You are a Cisco engineer of There is a configuration with following conditions: Nexus(config)# monitor session 1 Nexus(config­monitor)# source interface e2/4
Nexus(config­monitor)# destination interface e2/1 Nexus(config­monitor)# filter vlan55,56
Nexus(config­monitor)# What will be the result of this configuration?
A.SPAN destinations will not get VLANs 55 and 56.
B.One SPAN session is monitored on port e2/4.
C.VLANs 55 and 56 are copied from trunk interface e2/4.
D.VLANs 55 and 56 are monitored on port e/21.
Answer: C

17.Which signature action can be configured only on an IDSM sensor in IPS mode?
A.log packets containing the attacker and victim address pair
B.modify data in the packet
C.send a request to block a connection
D.terminate the TCP flow
Answer: B

18.You work as the network administrator at You are familiar with all kinds of Switches, so as far as you know, what can a Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch administrator do via VDC to provide OOB management?
A.use 802.1Q trunking and provide a separate VLAN via VDC
B.use different OOB management ports for the different VDCs
C.allocate separate VLANs and Virtual Routing and Forwardings via VDC
D.use the same VLAN and subnet for all VDCs, with different IP addresses
Answer: D

19.How can a customer with multiple FWSM contexts limit the number of connections that are permitted in each context?
A.Map the context to a class, and apply resource limits to the class.
B.Map the context to a VLAN, and apply resource limits to the VLAN.
C.Map the context to a class, and apply resource limits to the context.
D.You cannot limit the number of connections that are permitted in a context.
Answer: A

20.You work as the network administrator at You are testing the company network while during failover, what occurs with the MAC address of the standby Hot Standby Router Protocol (HSRP) router?
A.It defaults to the factory­burned MAC address of the standby router.
B.It is reclaimed by the active router.
C.The standby router assumes the virtual MAC address.
D.The standby router sends gratuitous Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) messages.
Answer: C

21.What is required when configuring NTP on the IDSM?
A.Configure an MD5 key.
B.Add a service account for the NTP service.
C.Configure the IDSM host access list to allow access to the NTP server.
D.Associate the VLAN containing the NTP server with the IDSM management port.
Answer: A

22.You are a Cisco engineer of You are maintaining the company network, as much as you know, which of the following information will be included when information gathered during the DCNM initial discovery ?
A.directly connected devices only information base (MIB) stems
C.running configuration
D.Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) clients
Answer: C

23.You work as a Cisco engineer at You know Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) well, so how are DHCP messages authenticated in the DHCP snooping process?
A.Untrusted sources are identified by configuring their connecting interfaces.
B.Traffic is blocked if it matches MAC addresses of invalid DHCP servers.
C.Untrusted sources are matched against a database of valid Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol bindings.
D.Trusted sources are matched by identifying RFC­consistent Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol calls.
Answer: B

24.What must you do to enable HTTPS as the access protocol on the NAM?
A.Enable the HTTP server, then enable the SSL service.
B.Install a strong crypto patch on the NAM, then enable the HTTPS server.
C.Ensure that 128­bit cryptography is enabled, then enable the HTTPS server.
D.Enable the HTTP server, then issue the http secure server enable command.
Answer: B

25.You are the senior desktop administrator for A potential customer has a question for you: what will the OSPF neighbors do when a router using OSPF Graceful Restart fails?
A.announce their grace period to other active neighbors
B.continue forwarding after switchover
C.continue forwarding during switchover
D.gracefully restart their Open Shortest Path First process
Answer: C

26.Which negotiation is initiated by setting an EtherChannel mode to auto on an interface? create an EtherChannel create an EtherChannel only if an LACP is received create an EtherChannel only if a PAgP packet is received place the interface in an EtherChannel if the connected interface is also in auto mode
Answer: C

27.You are the senior desktop administrator for There is a consultation from a potential customer: When a failure situation includes a corrupted operating system image and no connectivity per in­band management into a Cisco Nexus 7010 Switch , and the system cannot boot up. Which part can be used to resolve the case?
A.ROM monitor mode
B.Universal Serial Bus ports
C.internal bootdisk
D.Connectivity Management Processor
Answer: D